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Ford - MyFord Touch

Date Filed: July 15, 2013
Court: California, Northern District
Type of Case: Consumer Protection
Case Number: cv-13-5068
Status: Active
Company Name: Ford Motor Company

Do you own a vehicle with the MyFord Touch system installed? You may be affected by a lawsuit.

Hagens Berman represents Ford and Lincoln vehicle owners against Ford for this flawed system for putting drivers at risk of accidents. Contact our legal team to find out your rights by emailing MyFordTouch@hbsslaw.com or by filling out the contact form on the right»

Case Timeline & Updates:

April 2015: The MyFordTouch case is currently going through the discovery phase of litigation. Dozens of depositions are taking place and we are reviewing a large volume of documents and other media. We look forward to moving for class certification at the end of 2015.

CASE UPDATE (June 3, 2014):

Recently, Ford consumers scored a major win in the My FordTouch consumer protection litigation.

May 30, 2014: Judge Edward Chen, of the Northern District of California, denied (download Judge Chen's Order) the majority of Ford’s requests to dismiss Plaintiffs’ claims. In doing so, Judge Chen found it was plausible that a suddenly malfunctioning touchscreen system could create a safety risk for drivers, passengers and even people outside of the vehicle. He also found that Plaintiffs have adequately plead that Ford knew about the problems soon after the systems were installed, but continued to market the touchscreen and charge consumers a premium to install them in their vehicles. With this decision, the majority of Plaintiffs’ claims are allowed to continue.

According to Steve W. Berman, managing partner of Hagens Berman and the lead attorney on the MyFord Touch case, Judge Chen’s decision represents a real victory for consumers. “We are very pleased that Judge Chen agreed with our clients on several key issues in this case and look forward to learning more about these claims through the discovery process. We view this decision as a solid step forward in holding car manufacturers accountable to their promises.”

Hagens Berman represents owners of Ford vehicles equipped with MyFord Touch, an in-car communication and entertainment package, who claim that the system is flawed, putting drivers at risk of an accident while causing economic hardship for owners.  

According to the consolidated complaint, filed Nov. 12, 2013, Ford aggressively promotes MyFord Touch powered by the SYNC operating system as a revolutionary technology that enhances the safety, comfort and convenience of Ford vehicles. But according to the experiences of a large percentage of Ford owners, the system has fallen far short, beset by widespread problems, including complete, spontaneous system shutdowns posing safety risks to drivers, the suit contends.

The complaint cites internal Ford documents that purportedly show that 500 of every 1,000 vehicles have issues involving MyFord Touch due to software bugs, and failures of the software process and architecture.  Owners report that Ford has been unable to fix the problem, even after repeated visits.

Filed as a national class-action, the suit asks the court to order a product recall of the MyFord Touch and SYNC systems, provide owners with compensation for the failed system, and to enjoin Ford from marketing the flawed system. 

Contact us today if you or someone you know owns a Ford or Lincoln vehicle equipped with a MyFord Touch or MyLincoln Touch system. Call (206) 623-7292, email MyFordTouch@hbsslaw.com or fill out the form to the right.


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