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Date Filed: March 15, 2010
Court: U.S. District Courts, Multi-States, US
Type of Case: Consumer Rights
Case Number: 10-ml-02151
Status: Settled
Company Name: Toyota Motor Corp.
Stock Symbol: TM

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Current Status:

Checks have been issued to Toyota Diminished Value Claimants. The average check issued was $472.59, the highest check issued was $5,977.00, and the lowest check issued was $125.00.


Starting March 14, 2014, eligible class members will begin receiving payments via mail from the Court-appointed administrator, Gilardi & Co., LLC.


  • Individuals who filed valid and timely claims will receive their payments first, with the mailing period lasting from March 14, 2014 to March 19, 2014. Please allow sufficient time thereafter for postal delivery.
  • Fleet owners affected by the settlement who filed valid and timely claims will receive settlement checks in the following months.
  • Eligible non-claimants can expect to receive pro rata settlement amounts, per the Court-approved residual distribution plan, in the summer and fall of 2014.


Those requiring further information to process their claim will be notified by mail during this period. Class members are urged to cash their checks quickly, as they will be void 91 days after the issue date listed on the check. For more information, please contact Gilardi at www.toyotaelsettlement.com.

December 28, 2012: A settlement in this case has been granted Preliminary Approval by the Court. The ability to file a claim online will become available in the future. This website will be updated periodically as information becomes available. Additional information is available at http://www.toyotaelsettlement.com.

A selection of frequently asked questions is available here.

Important dates to remember:

Claim Submission Deadline: 150 days from notice date

Objection Deadline: May 13, 2013

Opt-Out Deadline: May 13, 2013

Final Judgment Hearing: June 14, 2013 at 9:00 a.m.

If you, at any time prior to December 28, 2012 own or owned, purchase(d), lease(d) and/or insure(d) the residual value as a Residual Value Insurer of a Subject Vehicle equipped or installed with an electronic throttle control system (ETCS)(as identified in the List of Subject Vehicles found on the “Case Documents” portion of this website) distributed for sale or lease in any of the fifty States, the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico and all other United States territories and/or possessions, you are a class member. Class members may receive various benefits under the settlement, including monetary and other relief.

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