Cases and Investigations

Hagens Berman attorneys have cases pending in a number of jurisdictions across the country, and our practice is not limited by our office locations. Below is a list of our current cases, legal investigations and settled cases.

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Most Accessed Cases and Investigations

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Name Date Practice Area Court Status
American Realty Capital Properties, Inc. 10/31/2014 Investor Fraud U.S. District Court Investigation
Accutane 10/1/2010 Pharmaceutical Fraud U.S. District Court Active
American Equity Investment Life Insurance 2/15/2006 Consumer Rights U.S. District Court, CA Settled
Affordable Care Act 11/15/2013 Consumer Rights Not Filed Investigation
Alibaba Group Holding Ltd. 2/5/2015 Institutional Investors, Investor Fraud U.S. District Court Investigation
AmeriGas 6/4/2009 Consumer Rights U.S. District Court, MO Settled
Anatabloc 1/31/2014 Consumer Rights U.S. District Court Active
Animation Workers Antitrust Litigation 12/3/2014 Antitrust Litigation U.S. District Court Active
Argentine Bonds Litigation 6/28/2004 Investor Fraud District Court Active
Enlaces De Argentina 6/28/2004 Investor Fraud U.S. District Court, NY Active

'Date' refers to the date of a settlement, the date an investigation started, or the date a case was filed.