Our Firm

Who We Are
Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro, LLP was founded with one purpose – to use the legal system in ways that make a positive difference in people’s lives.

Our work includes representing consumers, municipalities and other groups in cases against unscrupulous corporations or individuals who attempt to subvert principles of fairness and equity in the quest for ill-gotten profits. We also work to protect the interests of intellectual property owners, whistleblowers and those seeking enforcement of human-rights laws.

Our success in achieving exceptional results for our clients is rooted in our passion for our work and the strength and caliber of our team: some of the most talented, well-versed and well-seasoned veteran attorneys who are not only exceptionally savvy with regard to the law, but are unwaveringly ethical and absolutely committed to our clients’ interests.

Couple that with our team of professional investigators, forensic accountants and support staff, we have the talent, tenacity and resources to handle the largest, most complex cases in the nation.

But more than anything, our drive to fight for our clients and our refusal to settle for anything less than what is just is our most potent attribute. We fight tooth-and-nail for each of our clients, and every defendant who faces Hagens Berman knows this.
To that end, we developed an aggressive prosecutorial strategy that delivers outstanding results for our clients, employing novel legal theories and innovative tactics.

Hagens Berman was founded in 1993 by attorneys Carl Hagens and Steve Berman, with the goal of representing plaintiffs in class actions and multi-party, large-scale complex litigation.

We have stayed true to that purpose and along the way have recovered billions of dollars for our clients, while winning the praise of judges and the accolades, and awards of our peers.

Since our founding, we've grown in finding the best legal minds in the business, now totaling more than 50 attorneys and with a host of professional experts in areas ranging in forensic accounting and finance. The firm has also grown in terms of our geographic reach, with offices in nine US cities, allowing us to meet our clients’ interests and giving us a presence in virtually every court of significance.

We hire exceptional people with positive attitudes who enjoy working as a team and have the desire to contribute to a common goal. We value initiative, a team spirit and a willingness to contribute to the firm's overall success. We encourage staff to grow in their knowledge and experience which provides greater job satisfaction and the opportunity for more responsibility. Dignity and respect between all members of our firm are valued aspects of our environment.

Equal Employment Opportunity Employer
Hagens Berman has long had a policy of providing Equal Employment Opportunities for all persons in employment. It is the policy of the firm that all qualified applicants for employment will be recruited, hired and assigned on the basis of merit without regard to race, creed, color, sex, age, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability or veteran status. The employment policies and practices of the firm have, and will continue, to ensure that all qualified employees are treated equally with no discrimination in recruitment, placement, compensation, opportunities for advancement (including promotions and transfers), training demotion, termination, layoff recall, employee benefits, discipline and participation in all Hagens Berman sponsored employee activities.