Practice Areas

At Hagens Berman, we prosecute cases in a diverse set of practice areas. What is common among the diverse group is Hagens Berman’s absolute commitment to serving our clients’ interests and the public good by using novel, aggressive and innovative applications of the law.

Our practice groups include:

Antitrust Litigation

Hagens Berman’s antitrust attorneys work to preserve healthy competition and fair trade in the marketplace by protecting consumers and businesses that purchase goods and services from price-fixing, market allocation agreements, monopolistic schemes and other violations of antitrust law. More»

Civil & Human Rights Litigation

Hagens Berman has represented individuals and organizations in some of the more difficult civil rights challenges that have arisen in the past two decades. In doing so, we’ve managed cases that have presented very complex legal and factual issues, which were often related to highly charged political and historical events. More»

Consumer Rights

Hagens Berman is a leader in consumer-protection litigation, taking cases stemming from the full range of deceptive, unfair and fraudulent business practices often used by large corporations. More»

Employment Litigation

Hagens Berman takes a special interest in protecting workers from exploitation or abuse. We take on race and gender discrimination, immigrant worker issues, hour and wage issues, on-the-job injury settlements and other crucial workplace issues. More»

Governmental Representation

Hagens Berman represents government agencies and public officials in civil law enforcement and damage recoupment actions designed to protect citizens and the treasury. We understand the needs of elected officials and their obligation to impartially and zealously represent the interests of the public without taking excessive risks in litigation. More»

Institutional Investors

Hagens Berman is a leading provider of specialized securities litigation services to public, private and Taft-Hartley pension funds. The firm offers proprietary and unparalleled asset protection and recovery services to both foreign and domestic institutions. More»

Intellectual Property

Hagens Berman’s intellectual property practice is focused on serving plaintiffs in patent, trademark, copyright and trade secret litigation. We believe that our IP practice is a superior option for non-practicing entities, small companies and individual inventors with infringement claims for several reasons. More»

Investor Fraud

Sound investment decisions can only be made when you have full disclosure of accurate information. No money manager, retirement fund or individual investor should suffer undue risk or incur losses due to misrepresentations related to the investment at issue. More»

Personal Injury Litigation

For more than a decade, Hagens Berman's blend of professional expertise and commitment to our clients has made us some of the most well-respected and successful mass tort and personal injury lawyers in the nation. We deliver exceptional results for our clients by obtaining impressive verdicts and settlements in personal injury litigation. More»

Pharmaceutical Fraud

Hagens Berman vigorously pursues litigation that improves the quality and fairness of our healthcare and prescription drug system. Representing classes of consumers, state and local governments and the nation's most forward-thinking public-interest groups, we seek to shine the light of public scrutiny on these industries and their practices. More»

Sports Litigation

Hagens Berman has one the nation’s most highly regarded legal practices representing both professional and amateur athletes. Our team of attorneys is at the vanguard of developing new and innovative legal approaches to protecting the rights of athletes, typically in cases against large, well-financed interests. More»

Whistleblower Litigation

Hagens Berman represents whistleblowers under various programs at both the state and federal levels. All of these whistleblower programs, including under federal and state False Claims Act statutes, the SEC and CFTC whistleblower programs, and the IRS whistleblower program reward private citizens who blow the whistle on fraud. More»