Governmental Representation

Hagens Berman represents government agencies and public officials in civil law enforcement and damage recoupment actions designed to protect citizens and the treasury. We understand the needs of elected officials and their obligation to impartially and zealously represent the interests of the public without taking excessive risks in litigation. We are often chosen after competitive bidding, and have been hired by officials from across the political spectrum who recognize our ability to deliver successful outcomes.

Hagens Berman has assisted governments in recovering billions of dollars in damages from corporate wrongdoers and, in the process, helped alter the manner in which some industries do business. In serving government, we are often able to leverage the firm’s expertise and success in related private class litigation.

We have worked with state attorneys general, the Department of Justice and other federal agencies, and municipalities, including county and city governments. Our work has resulted in hundreds of millions of dollars in recoveries.
Hagens Berman distinguishes itself from its competition through a sense of propriety often lacking among our competitors. Some firms take extravagant risks or employ questionable tactics to increase the bottom line. At Hagens Berman, our focus is exclusively on providing the best representation possible for our clients. We protect our clients integrity and name while litigating cases in a clear, concise and, most importantly, ethical manner. 

Government Representation Cases

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Case Date Status Court
Municipal Lending Dec 16, 2013 Active Various U.S. District Courts
McKesson - Municipalities Aug 7, 2008 Active U.S. District Court, District of Massachusetts

'Date' refers to the date of a settlement, the date an investigation started, or the date a case was filed.