Intellectual Property

The Hagens Berman intellectual property team has deep experience in all aspects of intellectual property litigation. We specialize in complex and significant damages cases against some of the world’s largest corporations.

The firm is primarily engaged in patent infringement litigation at this time. We seek to represent intellectual property owners, including inventors, universities, non-practicing entities, and other groups whose patent portfolios represents a significant creative and capital investment.

Hagens Berman's IP practice is the best option for non-practicing entities, small companies and individual inventors with infringement claims. Here's why:

We offer contingency fee arrangements that give us the incentive to produce results for our clients. Under these fee arrangements, we do not collect fees unless we win a monetary recovery in the form of a verdict or settlement.

Our focus on plaintiffs enables us to move more quickly than other firms in reviewing claims and beginning litigation in an intellectual property case. Other IP litigation law firms are often impeded by a time-consuming process to eliminate conflicts-of-interest.<

Our deep legal bench gives us the resources to litigate intellectual property lawsuits against large corporate infringers. We have patent lawsuits on file in a number of jurisdictions against some of the largest tech giants in the world, including Canon, Oracle, Apple and Samsung. Our clients include universities and inventors. We are David and the defendants are Goliath.

A number of patent and other intellectual property cases are currently in various phases of litigation. Some examples include:

The firm represents Thought Inc. against Oracle Corporation in a suit alleging infringement of seven patents covering middleware providing object-oriented application to relational database mapping. The Thought patents cover key technologies for accessing and saving data used in enterprise level businesses and the Internet. Thought makes and sells software covered by the patents and is the owner of the asserted patents.

Hagens Berman represents Applications in Internet Time in patent infringement litigation against The suit alleges that our client’s patents cover the core architecture of salesforce’s platform for developing, customizing, and updating cloud-based software applications.

The firm represents Japan-based Shinsedai Company in patent infringement litigation against Nintendo. Our client was an early innovator in the development and sale of motion-controlled sports games including tennis, table tennis, baseball, and boxing. The suit alleges that our client’s patents are infringed by various sports games for the Nintendo Wii.

EA Madden
Hagens Berman represents the original software developer of the NFL Madden Football video game, who is owed royalties on derivative products, including current EA Madden NFL titles. The firm prevailed in two trials against EA, and the verdicts were designated as the Top Verdict of the Year (2013) by The Daily Journal. The case is on appeal and if successful will return for a final damages phase.

Samsung, LG, Apple
Hagens Berman represents FlatWorld Interactives in a series of cases against defendants including Samsung, LG and Apple. The cases allege that the defendants’ mobile handsets, tablets and other devices infringe a FlatWorld patent covering the use of certain gestures to control touchscreen and other devices. The accused gestures were developed by university professor and co-founder of FlatWorld, Dr. Milekic, more than ten years before those features became ubiquitous in smart phones and tablets.

Alnylam, MIT, Max Planck Institute
The firm represents the University of Utah in a suit seeking to correct inventorship to add Dr. Brenda Bass, a University of Utah distinguished professor, to patents covering discoveries in gene therapy that may lead to cures for many genetic diseases. Hagens Berman recently defeated a motion to dismiss the case at the district court, Federal Circuit Court of Appeals, and the Supreme Court.

Hagens Berman is also skilled in other aspects of intellectual property law, including trademark, trade dress, trade secret and copyright litigation.

Intellectual Property Cases

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Case Date Status Court
Bombardier Recreational Products Oct 16, 2014 Active U.S. District Court for the Southern District of Florida
Angry Birds Aug 4, 2014 Active U.S. District Court for the Western District of Washington
Jim Brown Publicity Rights Nov 18, 2013 Active Superior Court of California Nov 15, 2013 Active U.S. District Court, District of Nevada
NFL Films Aug 20, 2013 To Be Refiled U.S. District Court, District of New Jersey
Oracle Oct 31, 2012 Active U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
LG Electronics Jul 20, 2012 Active U.S. District Court, District of Delaware
Samsung Jun 22, 2012 Active U.S. District Court, District of Delaware
Nintendo Wii Dec 1, 2011 Active U.S. District Court, District of Northern California
Electronic Arts Mar 30, 2011 U.S. District Court, Northern District of California
University of Utah - RNAi Case Mar 22, 2011 Active U.S. District Court, Massachusetts

'Date' refers to the date of a settlement, the date an investigation started, or the date a case was filed.