Jennifer Fountain Connolly

Successfully litigates complex fraud cases involving all types of industries.
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Current Role

  • Partner, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP
  • Leads Hagens Berman’s Washington D.C. office
  • Practice focuses on pharmaceutical pricing fraud cases, qui tam litigation, antitrust class actions and other types of complex litigation
  • Specializes in cases with complex factual or procedural questions, many of which have related proceedings pending in multiple jurisdictions

Recent Success

  • Significant role in litigation against McKesson Corporation alleging the company engaged in a scheme that raised the prices of more than 400 brand-name prescription drugs ($350 million settlement)
  • Public payor case for municipalities throughout the United States ($82 million settlement)
  • Represented numerous state attorneys general in similar claims against McKesson
  • Key member of the Hagens Berman-led team that successfully tried the Average Wholesale Price litigation against four pharmaceutical company defendants, obtaining a verdict that was subsequently affirmed in all respects by the First Circuit Court of Appeals


  • Partner, Wexler Wallace LLP
  • Associate, Netzorg McKeever Koclanes & Bernhardt LLP (now Sherman & Howard, L.L.C.)
  • Assistant Attorney General, Business Regulation Unit, Colorado Attorney General’s Office

Notable Cases

  • McKesson Corporation Litigation
    - Private class action ($350 million settlement)
    - Municipal class action ($82 million settlement) 
    - Multiple state attorney general actions were favorably resolved
  • AWP Litigation
    Represented classes of consumers and third-party payors in a ground-breaking pharmaceutical fraud case where the court approved a total of $338 million in settlements.
  • Opioids Litigation
    Retained by the state of Ohio to serve as trial counsel in a recently filed state suit against five manufacturers of opioids.
    Representing the Orange County District Attorney’s office in a case alleging five pharmaceutical companies orchestrated a false and misleading marketing scheme designed to reverse the popular and medical understanding of the serious risks of long-term opioid use for chronic, non-cancer pain.
  • Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac Takings Litigation
    Representing shareholders in the Court of Federal Claims alleging that, in imposing the conservatorships over Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac in September 2008, the Government took private property without just compensation.
  • ATM Antitrust Litigation
    Representing consumers challenging illegal agreements among Visa, MasterCard and member banks to charge inflated ATM access fees, in violation of the federal antitrust laws.
  • Qui Tam matters
    Currently working on numerous qui tam matters that are under seal in multiple jurisdictions.