Hagens Berman Blog - January, 2018

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Jan 31

By Hagens Berman

Why did you go to law school? What inspired you? My father has always been my inspiration. From the age of five, I knew I wanted to be a lawyer and I... read more

Jan 30

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission obtained a court order freezing the assets of a Texas-based initial coin offering that claimed to have... read more

Jan 29

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The Commodity Futures Trading Commission today announced, in conjunction with the Department of Justice and Federal Bureau of Investigation's... read more

Jan 25

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Prosecutors on Wednesday asked a federal judge to side with a magistrate judge and let them add more claims to a whistleblower's allegation that... read more

Jan 24

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

False Claims Act (FCA) whistleblowers have enabled the federal government to recover nearly $30 billion, and in 2017 alone, qui tam cases filed by... read more

Jan 23

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Drs. Aytac Apaydin and Stephen Worsham, urologists based in Northern California, will pay $1.085 million to resolve allegations that they submitted... read more

Jan 22

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Allegations in a whistleblower lawsuit claimed that the San Diego-based health system improperly billed government-sponsored health plans for... read more

Jan 17

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The former head of Barclays Capital Inc.'s (Barclays) New York foreign exchange trading operation was charged yesterday in an indictment for his... read more