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Apr 07

Australia's courts secrecy and insular decision-making that resembled the Roman Catholic Church's flawed response to sexual abuse read more

Apr 06

The United States Tennis Association has asserted it can police itself when it comes to abuse cases read more

Apr 02

co-owners and managers of rental properties subjecting female tenants to sexual harassment and retaliation read more

Apr 01

Delaware bankruptcy judge has granted a request by the Boy Scouts of America to halt lawsuits read more

Mar 25

LA continued the process to extradite Harvey Weinstein to face multiple charges of sexual assault and rape read more

Mar 24

$217M settlement with sexual abuse survivors has been put on hold because of the COVID-19 pandemic read more

Mar 23

Weinstein was a larger-than-life figure in Hollywood, revered and feared throughout show business from the 1990s until recently read more

Mar 20

Disgraced movie mogul was given informational supplies about surviving sexual abuse behind bars read more