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Auto News: Ford Mustang Lawsuit, Driverless Cars

by Hagens Berman


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As driverless car crashes mount, fear of riding in them rises, too

Americans have been shaken by crashes of driverless cars and their semiautonomous counterparts, two recent surveys show, and consumer groups are pushing back against what they say is a flawed effort in Congress to regulate the vehicles.

They have insisted that the Senate put regulatory teeth into a bill they think will be tacked onto a must-pass reauthorization bill to fund the Federal Aviation Administration. A coalition of consumer and safety groups stepped in this week to oppose the bill, suggesting it be sent back to committee to add stricter regulations for the emerging technology. read more »

Ford Shelby Gt350 Lawsuit Gains Traction In Florida

Ford fails to get Shelby Mustang lawsuit dismissed after owners claim 'track-ready' cars overheat.

A Ford Shelby GT350 lawsuit will move forward based on claims the Mustangs overheat and go into "limp mode" without warning, even while trying to run on racetracks. Once in limp mode, the Mustangs quickly decelerate without warning, creating confusion among all drivers on the road.

The plaintiffs say the GT350s are specifically advertised as ready for track driving, with Ford holding marketing events at racetracks.

The plaintiffs are represented by Hagens Berman read more »