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Auto News: Hacking Auto Tech, Kia Fire

by Hagens Berman


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The Technology Behind Car Hacking

Car hacking has become a recent concern for both driven and driverless cars. Mainstream interest peaked in 2015 when Chris Valasek and Charlie Miller famously hacked a Jeep remotely to demonstrate security vulnerabilities. They were able to access the car’s various electronic control units (ECUs) and manipulate dashboard functions, windshield wipers, and even the engine and brakes.

Chrysler subsequently issued a massive recall of vehicles, but it made us wonder — why aren’t auto manufacturers taking car cybersecurity more seriously in the age of the internet of things? read more »

Kia Sportage catches fire in Kissimmee couple's driveway

The fire report from the Kissimmee Fire Department states there is an active and open recall on this model Kia and that the fire does not appear to be suspicious in nature. The report stated Kia Motors America was also notified and that the state fire marshal was requested to inspect the vehicle. read more »