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Auto News: Audi's Duplicate VINs Mystery

by Hagens Berman


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Mystery of Audi’s duplicate VINs deepens

Authorities are trying to figure out why the carmaker allegedly shipped thousands of vehicles to Asia all with the same identification number.

Prosecutors raided carmaker Audi again earlier this week, not just because of its role in Dieselgate, but instead on the hunt for documents regarding the possible shipment of thousands of Audi vehicles to Asia with the same vehicle identification number, or VIN.

The 17-digit VIN stamped into each vehicle’s chassis is supposed to be unique for that car, allowing owners to track the car’s history, theft and registrations, among other things. But as investigators searched Audi corporate files for documents related to the Dieselgate scandal last year, they also found documents suggesting that thousands of Audis exported to China, Korea or Japan may have the same vehicle identification number. read more »