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Auto News: Tesla Autopilot Report, Jeep Wrangler

by Hagens Berman


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Tesla's Autopilot Report Makes Big Safety Claims With Little Context

Tesla has published its first voluntary “Vehicle Safety Report,” and the numbers seem to clearly back CEO Elon Musk’s assertion that drivers who use Tesla’s sort of self-driving Autopilot feature are involved in fewer crashes than those who turn it off, and far fewer crashes than the general driving population. But without more detail, the numbers mean little. read more »

New Jeep Wrangler Frame Welds are Failing and Now FCA Is Issuing a Recall

New Jeep Wrangler JL owners have been complaining about frame welds for months, and some have even experienced frame failures at a critical suspension mounting bracket. Now Fiat Chrysler is issuing a recall due to risk of a “vehicle crash without prior warning.” Here’s why this is such a big deal. read more »