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Auto News: VW Diesel, Tesla Autopilot Delays

by Hagens Berman


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VW Goofed On Some Diesel Fixes, FTC Warns Owners To Slow Down

Volkswagen goofed on the emissions fix for its outlaw 2.0 liter diesel engines in its 2012 – 14 Passat models, The Federal Trade Commission said Monday. And until the automaker can correct the software here’s what the FTC recommends: Don’t drive more than 80 miles per hour.

Otherwise, when the vehicle is turned off it may not start again, the agency in a statement. read more »

Tesla to Pay $5.4 Million to Customers Over Autopilot Features Delay

Those who bought in on the Enhanced Autopilot package were left empty-handed months after Tesla's initially planned rollout date. read more »