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Auto News: VW Dieselgate Owners

by Hagens Berman


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Time is running out for dieselgate Volkswagen owners to get their money

Failing to turn in the paperwork won't boot the cars off the road, however.

If you own a diesel Volkswagen or Audi that was affected by the company's 2015 diesel scandal, and if you haven't submitted the proper paperwork to receive compensation, you only have one month left to do so.

Two years ago, Volkswagen proposed a settlement with a consumer's class-action group: the automaker would put up more than $10 billion to fix or buy back roughly 475,000 diesel Volkswagens and Audis outfitted with illegal software. The software allowed the cars to pass emissions tests under pre-arranged testing conditions, but the cars suppressed the emissions control system while they were being driven on the road in the real world. read more »