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Jul 20

By Hagens Berman

A Utah federal judge on Wednesday approved a more than $10 million settlement in the Commodity Futures Trading Commission's case against Estonian... read more

Jul 19

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The civil settlement relating to LC Bead resolves a lawsuit filed under the whistleblower provision of the False Claims Act by Mr. Ryan Bliss, who... read more

Jul 18

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Eight banks that help sell municipal bonds for Illinois asked a judge to dismiss a $1 billion whistleblower lawsuit accusing them of fraud and... read more

Jul 17

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The award demonstrates the international reach of the Whistleblower Program, underscoring that any person worldwide who has information about... read more

Jul 16

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Richard C. Davis, the founder and former president and CEO of Michigan-based Second Chance Body Armor, Inc., agreed to resolve claims under the False... read more

Jul 13

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Earlier this month, several federal agencies, including the SEC, the Federal Trade Commission and the Federal Bureau of Investigation joined the... read more

Jul 12

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Martin Tripp, the ex-Tesla employee accused by Elon Musk of sabotage inside the company's facilities, has struck back by filing a whistleblowing... read more

Jul 11

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

Bancor, an Israeli startup that facilitates trading in digital tokens, said a criminal made off with a $13.5 million cache, mostly comprised of Ether. read more