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Auto News: Air Pollution, Ford Recalls

by Hagens Berman


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Revealed: air pollution may be damaging ‘every organ in the body

Comprehensive analysis finds harm from head to toe, including dementia, heart and lung disease, fertility problems and reduced intelligence

Air pollution may be damaging every organ and virtually every cell in the human body, according to a comprehensive new global review.

The research shows head-to-toe harm, from heart and lung disease to diabetes and dementia, and from liver problems and bladder cancer to brittle bones and damaged skin. Fertility, foetuses and children are also affected by toxic air, the review found.

The systemic damage is the result of pollutants causing inflammation that then floods through the body and ultrafine particles being carried around the body by the bloodstream. read more »

Risks of Buying a Used Car and What the Dealership Isn't Telling You

Anthony Santos' Ford F-150 caught on fire while parked in his driveway.

"It caught the garage door on fire, which started engulfing the whole house on fire," he said.

He later learned a faulty cruise control switch caused the fire.

Ford knew about the problem, and recalled the trucks before Santos bought his.

But he says the used car dealer who sold him the truck didn't tell him about the open recall. read more »