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Seriously!? Another Audi Caught Cheating Diesel Emissions?

Audi was apparently still installing emissions cheat devices two years after Dieselgate.

Digging through code to find bugs and hidden software programs is a tough and lengthy process - just ask the Volkswagen Golf’s engineers if you have any doubts - but the German Transport Ministry has just wrapped up its thorough look into the software behind one of Audi’s diesel V6 engines and found something troubling. Namely, that Audi is still cheating on emissions tests by using software that can detect when a vehicle is being tested and alter engine operation so it emits pollutants at lower levels than it does when on the road. read more »

Volkswagen recalls 662,000 Atlas, Passat vehicles for illegally adjustable headlights

Every vehicle sold in the US must conform to a massive amount of regulations known as the Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. If an even seemingly insignificant FMVSS violation makes it to market, it's all but guaranteed that a recall will follow. That's the reason behind VW's latest recall, which is a big one. read more »