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Auto News: Auto Regulators, Fiat Chrysler Emissions

by Hagens Berman


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Just a ‘thermal’ issue: is the auto industry getting lax about spontaneous combustion complaints?.

Faced with complaints that its cars are randomly igniting, Hyundai says regulators should focus on all auto brands read more »

Judge orders new talks in FCA, U.S. case over diesel emissions

A federal judge in San Francisco on Wednesday ordered the Justice Department and Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV to hold new talks with a court-appointed settlement master to try to settle the government's civil suit over the Italian-American automaker's diesel vehicle emissions.

The Justice Department is seeking "substantial" civil fines from Fiat Chrysler in a suit filed in May 2017 accusing the company of illegally using software that led to excess emissions in 104,000 U.S. diesel vehicles sold since 2014.

A person briefed on the matter said the government and Fiat Chrysler have reached agreement on almost all aspects of a settlement after months of lengthy talks but remain "hundreds of millions of dollars" apart on how big the fines will be. read more »