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Auto News: C7 Corvette Z06, Diesel Emissions

by Hagens Berman


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Federal Judge Permits C7 Corvette Z06 Lawsuit To Proceed

A federal judge has given C7 Corvette Z06 owners a win with regards to a class-action lawsuit. United States District Judge Victoria A. Robert for the Eastern District of Michigan ruled this past Friday that the case may proceed in court.

It’s been two years since the class-action lawsuit was filed, which alleged that the track machine is woefully incapable of keeping cool at the race track. The lawsuit specified that a defect with the Z06’s cooling system can cause the car to overheat and enter “limp mode” after as little as 15 minutes of spirited track driving.

Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, which is representing the plaintiffs in the lawsuit, argued in 2017 that as many as 30,000 Corvette Z06 models feature the defect. read more »

Dirty lies: how the car industry hid the truth about diesel emissions – podcast

The ‘Dieselgate’ scandal was suppressed for years – while we should have been driving electric cars read more »

Volkswagen Says It's Responsible For 2% Of Global Co2 Emissions

The German car giant has been struggling to restore its reputation since the 2015 'Dieselgate' scandal.

The Volkswagen group alone is responsible for around 2% of global carbon emissions -- roughly the same amount as Germany -- one of the car manufacturer's senior figures said in an interview Friday. read more »