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Connected Cars Moving Targets For Hackers: Report


As cars evolve into rolling mobile computers, the potential for disastrous cyber attacks has become a new road hazard.

Israeli cybersecurity firm GuardKnox demonstrated the threat in a Formula 1 driving simulation at the Consumer Electronics show this week in Las Vegas.

Moments into the virtual drive, a GuardKnox engineer playing the role of hacker struck and the steering wheel no longer controlled the speeding car.

The faux race was over for the driver, stuck on the side of the road in a scenario that cybersecurity specialists say could become very real. read more »

FTC commissioner on new tech like self-driving cars: I 'see lots of risk'


Among the self-driving cars, connected gadgets, and promises of a reimagined world powered by 5G at CES 2020, FTC Commissioner Rebecca Slaughter sees new risks of cybercrime.

It’s not just the physical products on hand at the massive consumer tech convention, but the safety of the data they collect that Slaughter says needs the proper protection.

For example, Slaughter pointed to self-driving cars as an incredible opportunity for the future, but if a hacker or malicious actor were able to take one over, it would be a major safety issue. read more »