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Auto News: Daimler Robotaxis, Lessons From Dieselgate


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Daimler takes 'reality check' on robotaxis


Daimler has taken a “reality check” on self-driving “robotaxis”, acknowledging that making them safe is proving harder than first thought amid questions over their future earnings potential.

Ensuring that self-driving cars are 100% safe in crowded urban areas is proving to be a bigger challenge than engineers had assumed a few years ago. read more »

Lessons Learned About Culture From VW Dieselgate


Dieselgate – the perfect storm: What do you get if you combine an impossible task, a demanding CEO, a corrupt corporate culture, and an easy fix? You get Dieselgate, the disaster that cost VW over 20 billion in fines and damages, wiped billions off its stock price, and damaged its reputation.

If you missed it, VW wanted to sell more cars in the lucrative US market. This required a new diesel engine that would meet US emission standards which are tougher on nitrous oxide than Europe. It had to be cheap to purchase, cheap to run, and deliver superior performance.

It was an impossible task, but rather than tell the CEO it couldn’t be achieved they found another way and cheated by installing software that created false data during the emissions testing process. read more »