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Auto News: Ford Recall, Tesla Mileage

by Hagens Berman


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Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ Are Recalled for Seat-Belt Concerns

The automaker says the front belts may not protect occupants properly.

Ford is recalling 103,374 of its 2015 Fusion and Lincoln MKZ cars because the seat-belt anchors may not work properly. A device called a pretensioner rapidly locks a seat belt in place when the car detects a crash. If this safety system doesn't work properly, there's an increased risk of injury. read more »

Tesla Faces Huge Class-Action Lawsuit Over Mileage

Tesla is facing a huge legal problem coming from owners of its flagship Model S and Model X electric vehicles. A private owner recently filed a lawsuit in Northern California against the electric carmaker. The plaintiff claims that the driving range of some of Tesla's older models was reduced when the company released a software update which it claims was supposed to fix defective batteries.

Some experts have noted that Tesla should have issued a recall order in order to repair the batteries instead of just releasing a software update. The class-action lawsuit claims that Tesla decided to just roll-out a software update instead of issuing a recall in order to avoid the high cost involved in doing the latter. read more »