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Auto News: Kia Hyundai, Diesel Emissions

by Hagens Berman


Problems with nationwide Kia and Hyundai recall

Feeling safe in your own vehicle is something you may take for granted.

Many drivers have lost a sense of security after reports of Kia and Hyundai cars bursting into flames.

The Center for Auto Safety says they believe nearly five million vehicles on the road right now have the problem, but so far only ten percent have been recalled. read more »

Millions of ‘grossly polluting’ diesel cars still on Europe’s roads, four years after emissions scandal

Less than a quarter of the vehicles known to be most harmful to air quality and health have been modified or recalled

The vast majority of the most polluting diesel cars are still pumping out harmful toxins onto roads across Europe, almost four years after manufacturers were exposed for cheating emissions tests, research has found. read more »