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Auto News: OEM Cartel Not Going Green


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The OEM Cartel for not going green

First there was Dieselgate, then there was Partneo, and now there is the suspicion of OEMs forming cartels to lower down their ambitions for green technology.

After Dieselgate and the Partneo story, you would have thought that the OEMs learned that the truth will always come out, but unfortunately they have not.

At the moment the European Commission is investigating if German OEMs made deals to lower their ambitions for green technology. The Commission received information suggesting that BMW, Daimler and various brands of the Volkswagen Group (Volkswagen, Audi and Porsche) agreed on the kind of technologies to use to make cars more sustainable.

Together they are reported to have set up a system to reduce the emissions of diesel cars, such as particulate filters for petrol cars, but that system might not have been the best or most sustainable one currently available on the market. read more »