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Crash investigators again scrutinize Tesla Autopilot's role in fatal collision


An inattentive driver relies on his Tesla Autopilot driver-assist system to do the driving. The system does not recognize or respond to a tractor trailer crossing its path along a Florida highway. A fatal crash ensues.

The NTSB issued its findings on the more recent crash Thursday. Among the developments: Images extracted from the vehicle's Autopilot system showed the harrowing seconds leading up to the moment the car impacted and passed underneath the trailer. read more »

Autonomous driving still isn’t a reality in 2020 — and it’s getting people killed


For years, people have highlighted how misleading it is to use words like “autopilot” to describe a range of cars that have varying degrees of autonomy, and yet nothing has changed.

As EVs and self-driving cars continue to evolve, the word autopilot is taking on new meaning and is being applied in entirely new contexts. No longer is autopilot purely an aviation term, it’s being used as catch-all for high-level driver assistance features in all kinds of vehicles.

This semantic shift is having dangerous consequences that shouldn’t be overlooked. read more »