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Sexual Harassment News: Look-back window, Plácido Domingo, Epstein,

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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Adult Victims Of Childhood Sex Abuse In New York Can Sue Alleged Abusers

A new law that goes into effect Wednesday, gives adult victims of childhood sex abuse in New York one year to bring civil lawsuits against their alleged abusers and the institutions that may have allowed the abuse.

The one-year filing period is known as a "look-back window," and allows victims to bring cases that used to be beyond the state's statute of limitations that legislators overhauled this year. Manhattan Assemblymember Yuh-line Niou is one of the people who voted for the new law, touting it at a news conference on Tuesday. 

"The passing of this legislation is telling survivors like myself that our stories matter to our government, and that we count in the eyes of the law," Niou said.

The law gives survivors more time to file civil and criminal cases going forward, and opens the look-back window for old cases. Most survivors in New York used to be cut off after they turned 23. read more »

Plácido Domingo: US opera houses respond to 'concerning' allegations

Domingo, who has been accused of sexual harassment by several women, has seen an invitation rescinded as internal investigations are mounted.

The Philadelphia Orchestra rescinded an invitation to opera singer

Plácido Domingo on Tuesday afternoon, and the LA Opera promised an outside investigation, after the Associated Press published a report in which several women accuse him of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior.

Eight singers and a dancer told the AP they were sexually harassed by the Spanish tenor in incidents that spanned three decades from the late 1980s. The alleged harassment took place at venues including opera companies where the musician held top positions.

The Los Angeles Opera, where Domingo is general director, issued a statement saying it will investigate the allegations. The company said in a statement, “LA Opera will engage outside counsel to investigate the concerning allegations about Placido Domingo.” read more »

FBI raids Jeffrey Epstein's private Caribbean island

Expert says financier’s death may reduce legal issues with evidence as search begins

The FBI has raided Jeffrey Epstein’s private island in the Caribbean, in a further sign the death of the financier will not halt scrutiny of his alleged sex trafficking crimes.

Mobile phone footage broadcast by NBC news showed agents arriving on Little Saint James, in the US Virgin Islands, on Monday morning.

Two senior law enforcement officials confirmed to NBC the FBI had begun a search directed by the Epstein taskforce, which is led by the US attorney’s office for the southern district of New York. read more »

Epstein death: Prosecutors could turn focus to Ghislaine Maxwell, 'his protector who supplied him with three girls a day'

Search for co-conspirators in Epstein's depravity, those who 'fed him a stream of minors', centres on one woman

Ghislaine Maxwell was, according to her accusers, Jeffrey Epstein's protector and procurer, his girlfriend and his madam. She was, by all accounts, a soul mate and a mirror image.

He grew up in Brooklyn with no money to speak of and never finished college. She is Paris-born, Oxford-educated, a jet-setter who partied with princes and billionaires.

Together, Epstein and Ms Maxwell allegedly built what prosecutors, police and a growing number of women described as a sex-trafficking operation that crisscrossed the nation to provide Epstein with three young girls a day. read more »