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Whistleblower News: Facebook, Illegal Prescriptions

by HB Whistleblower Legal Team


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Facebook has admitted to “unintentionally” uploading the address books of 1.5 million users without consent

The discovery follows criticism of Facebook by security experts for a feature that asked new users for their email password as part of the sign-up process. As well as exposing users to potential security breaches, those who provided passwords found that, immediately after their email was verified, the site began “importing” contacts without asking for permission. read more »

Opioid crisis: doctors among 60 charged in crackdown on illegal prescriptions

Those charged include 53 medical professionals tied to about 350,000 prescriptions and 32m pills, US officials say

Federal authorities said Wednesday they have charged 60 people, including 31 doctors, for their roles in illegally prescribing and distributing millions of pills containing opioids and other dangerous drugs. read more »

Doctors Accused of Trading Opioid Prescriptions for Sex and Cash

Last summer, a woman in northern Alabama who law enforcement officials said was a prostitute typed a message to a doctor: “Can u get any Xanax.”

The doctor replied: “What makes you think I know a Xanax source?” Just below, he added a smiley face, and then described his home as the “Fun House.”

The doctor was one of the scores of medical professionals across seven states who were charged by federal prosecutors on Wednesday with schemes to illegally distribute millions of pain pills. Opioid prescriptions were exchanged for sex in some cases, and for cash with an added “concierge fee” in others. read more »