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Whistleblower News: Glencore, Equifax, Boeing


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Glencore secures five-year deal to supply cobalt to Samsung


Glencore signed a five-year deal to supply battery maker Samsung SDI with up to 21,000 tonnes of cobalt, the miner and trader said on Monday.

Cobalt sourced in Congo, which accounts for about 60% of global supply, has come under scrutiny for its potential use of children in mining. read more »

Equifax: US charges four Chinese military officers over huge hack


The US has charged four Chinese military officers over the huge cyber-attack of credit rating giant Equifax.

More than 147 million Americans were affected in 2017 when hackers stole sensitive personal data including names and addresses. read more »

Does NASA Trust Boeing?


A bungled test launch to the International Space Station has prompted an investigation, and the findings so far aren’t good.

An investigation of the bungled mission has revealed more problems than officials and engineers alike expected to find. The flaws stem not from hardware, but from the flight software coded by Boeing engineers. The capsule, known as Starliner, turned out to be more dangerous than anyone realized. read more »