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Whistleblower News: McKinsey, Sackler, EU Whistleblowers

by HB Whistleblower Legal Team


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Uncovering The Secrets of the Consulting Firm McKinsey

Much of the way influential consulting firm McKinsey & Co. operates is shrouded in secrecy. But recent reporting by the New York Times has revealed some of the company’s secrets, including its involvement with controversial companies like Purdue Pharma, the maker of OxyContin, as well as foreign leaders and governments in Saudi Arabia and South Africa. Additional stories have focused on the firm’s hedge fund MIO and alleged failures to make required financial disclosures. read more »

John Oliver hires actors to unbury Sackler deposition on opioids crisis

Last Week Tonight brings in famous actors to read Big Pharma depositions the families behind them would rather bury

He started by examining prominent drug distributors – companies such as Cardinal Health, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen – who are supposed to monitor the ordering and delivery of controlled substances. To illustrate “how badly they failed to do that”, Oliver pointed to the town of Kermit, West Virginia, where in two years, McKesson shipped film million pain pills to a town of 400 people. read more »

EU gives 'high-level' protection to whistleblowers

Whistleblowers across the European Union have won greater protection under landmark legislation aimed at encouraging reports of wrongdoing.

The new law, approved by the European Parliament on Tuesday, shields whistleblowers from retaliation. read more »

Mastercard ruling: almost every UK adult could receive payout

Lawsuit could benefit 46 million people even if they have never owned the credit card

Almost every adult in the UK could receive a payout of up to £300 from Mastercard after a court ruling paved the way for a £14bn class action lawsuit.

The legal action taken by former financial ombudsman Walter Merricks claims that 46 million UK consumers paid higher prices in shops over a 16-year period because of allegedly excessive transaction fees charged by Mastercard. read more »