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Whistleblower News: Money Laundering, Boeing 737 MAX

by HB Whistleblower Legal Team


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Explainer: Europe's money laundering scandal

The largest ever money laundering scandal in Europe is rippling through the region’s banks

It began in the Baltics and has engulfed several Nordic lenders, notably Denmark’s Danske and Sweden’s Swedbank, who had large Baltic operations.

Here are some facts about Europe’s problems. read more »

Scandals suggest standards have slipped in corporate America.

Boeing, Goldman Sachs and Facebook are among the companies in hot water.

Two things stand out about business in America today. One is how successful American firms are: they account for 57 of the world’s 100 most valuable listed firms. The other is the bad smell hanging over a number of powerful companies. read more »

The rules on CEO tweets weren't made for Elon Musk

When the US Securities and Exchange Commission decided that companies could use social media to disseminate key information to shareholders, regulators didn't have a CEO like Elon Musk in mind. read more »

Boeing’s 737 Max design contains fingerprints of hundreds of suppliers

Scrutiny is already spilling over to Boeing’s wide network of supply chain partners. Rosemount Aerospace, the maker of a sensor on the 737 Max, this week was sued by the family of an American victim of the Ethi­o­pia crash, claiming the company was negligent. Both Rosemount and Rockwell Collins are owned by United Technologies, a U.S. manufacturing giant. read more »