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Sexual Harassment: Leslie Moonves, Jeffrey Epstein, Title IX

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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‘Disaster for CBS Shareholders’: Damning Report on Moonves Reveals Total Failure at Top

As a draft report prepared by CBS’s outside lawyers now makes clear, many of the company’s employees, including high-ranking executives and even members of its board, were aware of the former chief executive Leslie Moonves’s alleged sexual misconduct and subsequent efforts to conceal it.

Yet no one acted to stop him — and the repercussions for that failure are likely to reverberate at CBS for years. read more »

‘Transactional’ Sex and a Secret Resignation Letter: Takeaways From a Report on Les Moonves

The 21,666-word draft, dated Nov. 27, is filled with new details about the conduct of Mr. Moonves and others at the company. The lawyers spoke to Mr. Moonves four times during the investigation. A final version of the report is expected to be presented to CBS’s board next week.

Here are four new revelations in the report, which was reviewed by The New York Times. read more »

Jeffrey Epstein Settles Defamation Suit As His Sex Abuse Accusers Ready New Legal Fight

A decade ago, Florida financier Jeffrey Epstein pleaded guilty to sex crimes involving underage girls and got 13 months behind bars. What the public and his accusers didn’t know at the time was that he had secretly struck a deal with federal prosecutors that spared him from charges that could have put him away for the rest of his life. read more »

Janet Napolitano: Don’t let the Trump administration undermine Title IX

The Education Department, in issuing its proposed Title IX regulations, appears to believe our nation’s colleges and universities have gone too far in responding to allegations of sexual harassment and sexual violence.

The department is mistaken. read more »