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Sexual Harassment News: Anti-Harassment Bill, Microsoft

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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Sweeping new anti-harassment bill, explained

For a lot of American workers, #MeToo hasn’t changed much. This bill aims to help them.

The #MeToo movement may have toppled producer Harvey Weinstein and other men accused of sexual misconduct from their positions of power, but according to caterer Venorica Tucker, it hasn’t put a stop to the harassment many servers and bartenders deal with every day. read more »

Hospital apologizes to women secretly filmed during gynecological surgeries

More than 80 women sued hospital in California, alleging they were recorded as part of an effort to catch a drug thief. read more »

Microsoft emails detail sexual harassment and discrimination

One woman wrote that she was asked to sit on a male colleague’s lap twice in a meeting — in front of HR and other executives. “I alone objected and cited Microsoft policy,” she wrote. “The person said that he did not have to listen and repeated the request a second time.”

Another woman said she was sexually harassed during a work trip where a man threatened to kill her if she didn’t give him sexual favors; she said she reported to management, but was told “it sounded like he was just flirting.” read more »