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Sexual Harassment News: Boys Scouts of America, Weinstein Trial


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Boy Scouts of America Is Sued Over Sexual Abuse Allegations


The lawsuit was filed after a window was opened for survivors to pursue justice in cases of decades-old alleged abuse.

The filing on Monday goes to the heart of a movement in some states in recent years to widen or revive the period of time under which survivors of sexual abuse can take legal action. read more »

Harvey Weinstein threatened with jail for repeatedly using his cell phone in court


The judge in Harvey Weinstein's trial threatened to jail the movie producer Tuesday for his repeated use of his cell phone during court.

At the beginning of court proceedings in New York, Judge James Burke raised his voice and reprimanded Weinstein and his defense team, specifically Arthur Aidala, for Weinstein's use of his cell phones.

Burke said this was an "ongoing issue" and referenced warnings at previous hearings. He said he warned Aidala explicitly in "somewhat unrefined terms" about Weinstein's cell phone. Finally, he said that if Weinstein uses his cell phone in court one more time he will be taken into custody. read more »