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Sexual Harassment News: Catholic Church, Hollywood, Weinstein

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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The ‘Satanic Evil’ of Child Sex Abuse in the Catholic Church

It’s no longer a secret that the Catholic Church suffers from a pervasive, decades-old child-sex-abuse epidemic, perpetrated by “a huge network of men: priests and bishops and cardinals and possibly even the Pope himself,” writer Caitlin Flanagan says. But, as Flanagan points out in the latest Atlantic Argument, children aren’t the only ones the Church has failed. Now mothers—including Flanagan herself—are having a crisis of faith in their religious institution. read more »

‘If Bobbie Talks, I’m Finished’: How Les Moonves Tried to Silence an Accuser

A trove of text messages details a plan by Mr. Moonves and a faded Hollywood manager to bury a sexual assault allegation. Instead, the scheme helped sink the CBS chief, and may cost him $120 million. read more »

Harvey Weinstein documentary to premiere at Sundance Film Festival

A documentary on the life of Hollywood Producer Harvey Weinstein will be aired in the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.

The documentary directed by Ursula MacFarlane traces the rise and fall of Weinstein, who used to frequently visit this festival

The ongoing federal investigation in sexual assault cases filed against Weinstein will look more deeply into the manner in which the producer went about in the movie business. read more »