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Sexual Harassment News: Sharp Grossmont Hospital, Nuns

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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About 1,800 women were secretly recorded at Sharp Grossmont Hospital

Sharp Grossmont Hospital’s former chief of anesthesia said today that he can corroborate claims, alleged in a recently filed lawsuit, that around 1,800 female patients were secretly recorded during sensitive medical procedures in the hospital’s women’s center.

Dr. Patrick Sullivan alleges that he was forced out of the hospital after bringing his concerns to Sharp leadership that women were being surreptitiously filmed in 2012 and 2013 while undergoing a wide range of procedures such as childbirth and hysterectomies. read more »

‘Invisible’ victims: Survivors of sexual abuse by nuns demand to be counted

During Pope Francis’ February summit on protecting minors from clerical sexual abuse, the discussion focused explicitly on male perpetrators.

Relative to abuse by priests, known cases of nun abuse are few in number. About 100 nuns nationwide have been “credibly accused,” meaning allegations resulted in a lawsuit or news story, according to lists maintained by the watchdog group Bishop Accountability. read more »