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Sexual Harassment News: Youth Pastor Abuse, K-12 Schools

by HB Sexual Harassment Legal Team


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Sex offender-turned-youth-pastor raped girl for years

When registered sex offender Jethro Raphael Butcher was released from jail in January 2010 after serving time for raping two women in Pierce County, he landed a job as a youth pastor at Seattle Open Door Church in Burien.

The first “sexual assault happened when I was 14 years old,” a now-20-year old woman recently told KIRO 7. 

Larissa, who wanted to be identified by her first name only, is angry and frustrated that Butcher, a man convicted of raping multiple women, was allowed to serve as a youth pastor. read more »

‘It’s Like the Wild West’: Sexual Assault Victims Struggle in K-12 Schools

Efforts by Education Secretary Betsy DeVos to overhaul federal rules on sexual misconduct have focused public attention on college campuses, where assault, rape and harassment have made headlines for years. But her efforts to change those rules, put into place more protections for the accused and offer relief for educational institutions have prompted concerns from elementary and secondary school leaders, public school superintendents and other educators that highlight how schools grapple with sexual misconduct involving much younger students.

The new rules would apply to any elementary and secondary school district that receives government funding. read more »