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Jun 20

By Hagens Berman

Audi's CEO Rupert Stadler is "ready to talk" after being arrested in connection with the emissions-cheating scandal. Meanwhile, the company's... read more

Jun 19

By Hagens Berman

Being in charge of a business during a scandal that misled consumers, spewed pollutants into the atmosphere and helped incinerate billions of your... read more

Jun 15

By Hagens Berman

A German court ruled on Friday that investors pushing for damages over a sharp fall in Volkswagen shares after the carmaker disclosed emissions... read more

Jun 08

By Hagens Berman

Former Volkswagen Group CEO Martin Winterkorn has been asked to testify before a German court in connection with a lawsuit seeking damages from the... read more

Jun 06

By Hagens Berman

To avoid a potential $300 million in civil penalties, Ford has agreed to settle a class action claiming it knowingly sold vehicles with defective and... read more

May 11

By Hagens Berman

Jeep is recalling nearly 240,000 SUVs in the United States to replace a suspension part that may break and cause drivers to lose control of the... read more

Apr 17

By HB Whistleblower Legal Team

The European commission will next week propose legislation that intends to protect whistleblowers. Recent scandals have exposed the limited help... read more

Apr 10

By Hagens Berman

Volkswagen was set on Tuesday to oust Matthias Müller as chief executive as it grapples with a long-running diesel emissions scandal that has cost... read more