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Mar 25

LA continued the process to extradite Harvey Weinstein to face multiple charges of sexual assault and rape read more

Mar 23

Weinstein was a larger-than-life figure in Hollywood, revered and feared throughout show business from the 1990s until recently read more

Mar 20

Disgraced movie mogul was given informational supplies about surviving sexual abuse behind bars read more

Mar 18

Weinstein had been back-and-forth between the jail ward at Bellevue Hospital and Rikers read more

Mar 17

exposé of Weinstein's predatory behavior that spanned decades read more

Mar 16

'This is what justice looks like.' Women react read more

Mar 13

a renewed sense of hope and faith that more women will come forward read more

Mar 10

British prince has refused to help federal prosecutors who are investigating sex trafficking, despite his pledge to do so read more