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Whistleblower News: Theranos, Kavanaugh and SeaWorld, Google

by HB Whistleblower Legal Team


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Tyler Shultz – The Theranos Whistleblower

If you’re a startup, business, or a tech whiz, you probably have a pulse on the biggest downfalls of the decade – Theranos.

A woman named Elizabeth Holmes founded a medical testing company called Theranos, that became really popular in Silicon Valley and received huge funding hits. This charade continued for about a decade until major allegations were made against the company and the board for conducting fraudulent and incorrect testing. read more »

Kavanaugh Sided with Seaworld in 'Blackfish' Case

The Supreme Court nominee wrote a troubling diatribe in 2013 against workers' rights

In addition to women, we’ve found another thing for which Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has no respect: Whale trainers.

On Thursday, I dug into the dissenting opinion Kavanaugh wrote in 2013 for the Seaworld v. Occupational Health and Safety Administration case, where he compared whale training to “daredevil motorcycle jumps” and ranted strangely about the Spider Man musical. That’s right: We may actually have managed to find someone who watched Blackfish and came away defending Seaworld. read more »

Google did not disclose security breach because it feared regulation, report says

Google did not disclose a security breach to its Google+ social network because it feared regulation, according to a Wall Street Journal report citing documents and people briefed on the incident.

A software glitch gave outside developers potential access to the private profile data of hundreds of thousands of Google+ users between 2015 and March 2018, the report says. Alphabet allegedly didn't disclose the issue when it was first discovered to avoid reputational damage and regulatory scrutiny. read more »

UBS goes on trial in France over alleged tax fraud

Swiss bank UBS Group AG, its French unit and six top executives go on trial on Monday after a long-running investigation into allegations they helped wealthy clients avoid taxes in France.

After years of investigation and aborted settlement negotiations, UBS faces charges of aggravated tax fraud and money laundering as well as illegally soliciting clients in France.

The largest Swiss bank risks fines of up to 5 billion euros ($5.76 billion). read more »