Hagens Berman Files Application for Interim Class Counsel in Lithium-Ion Batteries Antitrust Suit


SEATTLE – Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP today filed papers with the U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California petitioning for appointment of the firm as interim class counsel for indirect purchasers in a class-action lawsuit alleging that several of the largest producers of lithium-ion batteries, including LG (KSE: 066570.KS), Panasonic (NYSE: PC), Sanyo (TW: 1614.TW), Sony (NYSE: SNE), Samsung (KSE: 005930), and Hitachi (OTC: HTHIY), participated in a scheme to fix battery prices.

The lawsuit alleges that the defendants used their collective power to fix and artificially increase the prices of lithium-ion batteries, which are commonly used in many consumer electronic products. The complaint says that, as a result of this activity, consumers overpaid for devices such as cell phones, digital cameras and notebook computers.

Consumers who have purchased a device containing a lithium-ion battery are encouraged to contact Hagens Berman by calling 206-623-7292 or by emailing batteries@hbsslaw.com.

Hagens Berman managing partner Steve Berman noted the importance of the case for consumers.

“Over the last several years, lithium-ion batteries have revolutionized a number of portable computing devices such as Apple’s iPad,” he said. “We believe that the major players in the lithium-ion battery industry fixed prices, and device manufacturers like Apple passed that cost along to consumers resulting in a direct increase in prices for a number of portable computing devices.”

Hagens Berman today filed an application with the court to represent a possible class of consumers who purchased devices containing lithium-ion batteries. The firm has led a number of similar price-fixing cases in the past, including litigation against optical disc drive (ODD) makers and LCD screens, also components in many of the same portable computing devices that contain the batteries.

More information about this case is available at http://hbsslaw.com/cases/batteries-antitrust.

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Case Timeline

08/17/17: Additional Settlements Reached

Indirect purchasers have reached settlements with the LG, Hitachi-Maxell and NEC defendants, for a total of $44.95 million. The claims period for these settlements will end on Nov. 29, 2017. Go to https://www.reversethecharge.com/ to make a claim now. 

04/10/16: Motion for Preliminary Settlement Approval

Indirect purchasers have reached a settlement with the Sony defendants and filed their motion for preliminary approval in April 2016.

01/16/16: Motion for Class Certification

In January 2016, IPPs moved for certification of a class of all persons and entities who indirectly purchased a cylindrical lithium-ion battery manufactured by the defendants. This includes: (i) a portable computer, (ii) a power tool, (iii) a camcorder, or (iv) a replacement battery for any of these products. The class period extends from January 1, 2000 through May 31, 2011.

10/22/14: Amended Complaint

Hagens Berman files amended complaint, which includes plaintiffs from Hawaii. Download amended complaint.

10/02/14: Motion to Dismiss Denied

Judge Gonzalez Rogers denied, in part, defendants’ Motions to Dismiss the Second Consolidated Amended Complaints of Direct and Indirect Purchaser Plaintiffs, permitting IPPs to pursue their case against named-defendants.