Blue Rhino and Amerigas Propane Exchange Tanks

DEFENDANT NAME: Blue Rhino and UGI Corporation, AmeriGas Partners LP, AmeriGas Cylinder Exchange
CASE NUMBER: CASE No. 14-md-02567
PRACTICE AREA: Consumer Rights
STATUS: Active

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According to court documents, Blue Rhino began reducing the amount of propane contained in its exchange tanks from 17 pounds to 15 pounds in 2008 and also planned to do so without a corresponding reduction in the wholesale price, effectively raising the price of propane to consumers.

Blue Rhino and AmeriGas distribute their propane exchange tanks through tens of thousands of retail partners across the United States, including grocery stores, convenience stores and gas stations, as well as large retailers such as Walmart and Lowe’s.

Hagens Berman is investigating and pursuing claims that Ferrellgas Partners and Ferrellgas (Blue Rhino) and UGI Corporation and AmeriGas Partners LP (AmeriGas) over allegations that the two companies conspired to fix fill levels of exchangeable portable cylinder tanks containing propane gas – commonly referred to as propane exchange tanks – as a way to increase retail prices across the country.

The suit also alleges that during spring and summer 2008, Blue Rhino unlawfully shared pricing information with its direct competitor AmeriGas, informing the company’s competitor that it intended to implement the fill reduction. AmeriGas then reduced its exchange tanks from 17 pounds to 15 pounds without a corresponding price decrease – leaving consumers paying the same amount for less propane.

The case follows up on the same illegal conspiracy to reduce fill levels that Hagens Berman litigated in 2009 and addresses antitrust claims arising after the old settlements with Amerigas and Blue Rhino were complete. The trial court dismissed this case in 2016 citing the statute of limitations, but in June 2017, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Eighth circuit ruled in a related appeal that claims against Ferrellgas and AmeriGas are not barred by the statute of limitations. Hagens Berman is now pursuing an appeal to confirm the rights of consumers to move forward with the case.

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