New England Electricity Overbilling

DEFENDANT NAME: Eversource Energy and Avangrid
CASE NUMBER: 1:17-cv-12274
COURT: United States District Court - District of Massachusetts
PRACTICE AREA: Consumer Rights
STATUS: Active
DATE FILED: 11/16/17


Live in New England? Utility companies likely illegally raised your electric bills.

Millions of residents paid artificially high electricity prices due to a scheme by Eversource, Avangrid and their subsidiary utility companies. Find out your rights  »


According to recent news and investigations, Eversource and Avangrid – two of the largest utility companies in New England – artificially raised electric bills for millions of residents in the region from August 2013 to July 2016. This scheme affected almost all electricity consumers in New England.

If you paid electricity bills from August 2013 to July 2016, and you live in Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine, you are likely affected – regardless of what company you buy electricity from.

If you receive your electricity bill from one of the utilities listed below, you were likely overcharged by the very utilities behind the scheme:

  • Connecticut: Eversource, Avangrid, United Illuminating, or Connecticut Light and Power Company
  • Maine:  Avangrid, Central Maine Power Company
  • Massachusetts: Eversource, Western Massachusetts Electric Company, NSTAR Electric Company
  • New Hampshire: Eversource, Public Service Company of New Hampshire

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Eversource, Avangrid and their subsidiary utility companies control a significant share of the natural gas market in New England. These companies used their large market share to artificially restrict natural gas supplies and artificially increase the price of natural gas paid by power plants that burn gas to generate electricity. Because most of New England’s electricity is generated using natural gas, this scheme drove up the price of electricity paid by almost all New England residents.

First, Eversource and Avangrid over-reserved natural gas pipeline capacity in advance. Then, at the last minute, these companies reduced their reservations, leaving no time for others to use the pipeline to flow additional gas. This in turn decreased the amount of natural gas available in the market, and increased the price of natural gas that power plants pay to generate electricity.  This allowed Eversource and Avangrid to make more money from their non-gas power plants, and to justify expenditures on new natural gas pipeline infrastructure. 


This scheme by New England utilities served no other purpose than to artificially boost profits for these companies, leaving millions to pay higher bills. At no point were customers aware of this fraud, and only recently has it been brought to light. Hagens Berman believes that families and households across the region deserve better, and deserve their money back. We intend to fight these utilities and put a stop to this behavior.


Hagens Berman is one of the most successful litigation law firms in the U.S. and has achieved more than $260 billion in settlements against some of the nation's largest conglomerates. Our firm has taken on utility companies across the country for overbilling fraud and other schemes. Your claim will be handled by attorneys experienced in consumer law.


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Hagens Berman has received several inquiries concerning alleged misconduct by Eversource Energy and Avangrid that fall outside of the allegations of this class action lawsuit. We provide this bulletin to clarify what this case does, and does not concern.

What this class-action lawsuit is about:

This lawsuit involves allegations that Eversource and Avangrid (including their subsidiaries) manipulated the price of retail electricity by manipulating the supply of natural gas needed to create electricity.

What this class-action lawsuit is not about:

  • Unexplained sudden spikes in electricity bills;
  • Problems addressing concerns over bills with Eversource or Avangrid;
  • Suspected misconduct with respect to auto-pay systems;
  • Problems with Eversource’s or Avangrid’s alternative energy programs (i.e., solar panels);
  • Eversource’s or Avangrid’s installment payment plans; and
  • Any other conduct not described above under the heading “what this class-action lawsuit is about.”

This class-action lawsuit, if successful, can only remedy the conduct described above under the heading “what this class-action lawsuit is about” and no other conduct.

If you are a retail New England electricity consumer and are interested in learning more about this class action, you are invited to register with Hagens Berman by filling out the form.


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