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Major League Baseball - Foul Ball Injuries 07/13/2015 Consumer Rights, Sports Litigation Active
Mantria Securities 11/15/2001 Investor Fraud Active
Maricopa County Community Colleges District Data Breach 04/15/2014 Consumer Rights, Data Breach/Identity Theft and Privacy Settled
Mars Chocolate - Slave Labor 09/28/2015 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Maximum Strength Robitussin DM Cough Syrup 09/18/2017 Consumer Rights Active
McKesson - Municipalities 08/07/2008 Governmental Representation, Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
McKesson Corp. 10/06/2006 Pharmaceutical Fraud Settled
McKesson Corp. Derivative Litigation 04/03/2017 Investor Fraud Settled
Medsource IP Infringement 01/06/2016 Intellectual Property, Patent and Trademark Litigation Judgment for Client
Medtronic 09/06/2012 False Claims Act, Medical Device Fraud, Whistleblower Settled
Meningitis 10/18/2012 Personal Injury Litigation Settled
Mercedes BlueTEC Emissions 02/18/2016 Automotive Litigation, Consumer Rights, Emissions Litigation, Environmental Litigation Active
Microwave Handle Defect Lawsuit 02/18/2015 Consumer Rights, Personal Injury Litigation Active
Midland National Life Insurance Company 01/05/2007 Consumer Rights, Investor Fraud Settled
Montana Power Company 09/12/2002 Investor Fraud, Pension Protection Settled
MOVA Contour IP Theft 07/17/2017 Intellectual Property, Patent and Copyright Litigation Active