SunRun Inc

COURT: California Superior Court
PRACTICE AREA: Consumer Rights
STATUS: Active
DATE FILED: 01/04/13



Hagens Berman has filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of consumers against SunRun, Inc., alleging that the solar panel company operated for several years without a required license and regularly misleads prospective customers about future electricity costs.

SunRun Inc., based in San Francisco, Calif., leases and installs solar panels on consumers’ homes in 10 states.

The complaint, filed in California Superior Court, alleges that SunRun committed several violations of California consumer protection and unfair competition laws.

Specifically, the plaintiff’s attorneys claim that SunRun operated in the capacity of a contractor without a license between 2007 and February, 2012.

They also claim the company’s chief marketing pitch, that electricity prices are rising 6 percent annually, increasing energy savings from the panels, is dishonest and misleading.

Lastly, the complaint alleges that SunRun’s sales agents tell consumers that if they move, they can terminate their contract with no further financial obligations. Part of the contract consumers sign, attorneys claim, reinforces this promise, but another part of the contract states that if the agreement is terminated, consumers must purchase the panels or pay a termination payment.

The lawsuit identifies a proposed class of consumers who entered into a contract with SunRun prior to February, 2012, as well as a proposed subclass of consumers who were told they could terminate their contracts without further obligation if they moved. It asks the court to order SunRun to return all payments made under contracts signed before February, 2012.

Consumers who have additional information regarding this matter, or who believe they may be a part of the proposed class can contact Hagens Berman by filling out the contact form on this page, or calling (206) 623-7292.

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Case Timeline

04/29/15: Court Grants Dissemination of Class Notice

The Court granted Plaintiff’s motion for dissemination of class notice.

10/23/14: Class is Certified

The Court granted Plaintiff’s motion for class certification on the lack of a license claim.

06/20/13: Motion to Dismiss Denied

The Court denied SunRun's motion to dismiss the complaint.