Hagens Berman is an international class-action and complex plaintiffs’ litigation law firm taking on the world’s largest corporations and entities and fighting for the rights of plaintiffs, including consumers, whistleblowers, employees, investors and others.


Hagens Berman is an award-winning international team of attorneys. We are primarily a plaintiffs’ side law firm, representing and protecting the rights of victims of fraud and negligence through consumer protection, antitrust, whistleblower, product liability and other areas of litigation including investor rights, intellectual property, personal injury, environmental harm, employment litigation and more.

Hagens Berman’s legal team brings three decades of experience, and a track record of ground-breaking verdicts and settlements to every challenge, large or small. We fight with the creativity and tenacity to continue to raise the bar of legal representation and results. We believe in taking on every case with the goal of achieving the best outcome for the largest group of individuals and seek to return real change and recovery to the classes and clients we represent.


The scope of our practice is truly global. We have flourished through our network of offices in nine cities across the United States, including Seattle, Berkeley, Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, Phoenix and San Diego, and one international office in London. Our eyes are always open to trends of fraud, negligence and wrongdoing that may be taking form anywhere in the world, and our reach is not limited to the cities where we maintain offices. We are pursuing and litigating cases pending in courts across the globe and have a vested interest in global instances of oppression, wrongdoing and injustice.


Hagens Berman represents plaintiffs in antitrust, consumer fraud, securities and investment fraud, product liability, tort, employment, whistleblower, intellectual property, environmental and employee pension protection cases, and more. Our clients have included Holocaust survivors, victims of sexual assault and harassment at universities or mental health facilities or within Hollywood, NCAA athletes who have been exploited, families who have been affected by acts of terrorism, cities looking to abate the costs of global climate change, and the everyday consumer who overpaid for basic goods due to an unseen ploy to increase the price of grocery staples, prescriptions or batteries.

Our goal has always been to fight for those who are most vulnerable to negligence and fraud on any scale. We believe there is strength in numbers, and we strive to be the most responsive in making the world a better place and changing the future through innovative applications of the law. In the ring, we punch well above our weight and level the playing field for millions of our clients who seek the hardest working law firm in the business. While other plaintiffs’ firms notoriously settle for spare change payouts to class members, Hagens Berman stays dedicated to cases until we believe a just resolution has been achieved.

Hagens Berman is particularly skilled at managing multi-state and nationwide class actions through an organized, coordinated approach that implements an efficient and aggressive prosecutorial strategy in order to place maximum pressure on the defendant. Our legal team is known for its expertise in overseeing sprawling litigation, especially in complex areas of law.


We believe excellence stems from a commitment to try each case, vigorously represent the best interests of our clients and obtain maximum recovery. Our opponents know we are determined and tenacious, and they respect our skills and our track record of achieving top results. Hagens Berman has recovered more than $325 billion in our firm's history, a figure we are proud to raise each year.

In our nearly 30 years of practice, Hagens Berman has earned a reputation as one of the most feared plaintiffs’ firms in the nation, willing to go above and beyond in the fight for victims’ rights. Our determination and expert skill are unmatched in the plaintiffs’ bar, and our opponents know our name well. The firm has famously taken on the largest institutions with deep benches of corporate-funded defense – from Amazon, Boeing and Chase to the Big Pharma companies behind Xyrem and Zyrtec.

In litigating cases against major players, we work to make an impact for a large volume of plaintiffs and have continued to strive for this mark of excellence that has helped build our reputation since our founding in Seattle in 1993.


We achieve results—our track record proves it. While many class-action or individual plaintiff cases result in large legal fees and no meaningful result for the client, Hagens Berman finds ways to return real value. The firm has pioneered new and innovative methods to get damages returned to millions of class members. In the E-books Antitrust Litigation, in a first-of-its-kind process, Hagens Berman and attorneys general from 33 states worked with electronic retailers, such as Amazon, to automatically pay millions of consumers the ill-gotten gains from the conspiracy. Hagens Berman is also at the forefront of working with electronic payments technology companies to develop methods that will automatically transfer small dollar awards electronically using only email addresses at a fraction of the cost to class members using old school methods such as snail mail.


Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning the victims we represent pay nothing at all unless we win. Attorney fees are paid based on an industry percentage of overall settlement terms, allowing plaintiffs to reap the rewards. The victories we seek also include tangible changes through injunctions and other novel applications of the law. For example, recently almost all NCAA-member schools agreed to a concussion protocol that resulted from Hagens Berman’s litigation efforts. Through litigation, Hagens Berman has brought about new education programs, testing and research, and has achieved major victories that have benefited the environment and sustained human rights.