Hagens Berman defends privacy rights and protects consumers’ sensitive personal information in an era of ever-increasing threats to cybersecurity.


Our firm is committed to holding corporations and institutions accountable for mishandling consumers’ information, and to recovering compensation for those who have been harmed by this form of negligence. Hagens Berman’s data breach, privacy and cybersecurity litigation team includes attorneys highly skilled in this area of law.

While some firms pursue litigation only to protract an incident and expense their hours, our firm persistently pursues meaningful litigation to bring swift relief and strengthen the laws and protocols protecting consumers. Hagens Berman fights on behalf of hundreds of millions of individuals impacted by data breaches every year. In 2022 alone, data breaches left over 422 million people vulnerable to cybercriminals.


The impacts of a data breach can be serious and far-reaching. According to reports, identity theft is the most common consequence of a data breach and happens to about 65% of data breach victims. In 2022, identity fraud losses totaled $43 billion, affecting 40 million adults across the U.S. Adults aren’t the only ones impacted — some data breaches can compromise the sensitive personal information of children and teens, leaving their medical records, Social Security numbers and other private data vulnerable to exploitation by cybercriminals for decades to come.


Hagens Berman has seen great success in data breach class-action lawsuits, recovering hundreds of millions of dollars for its clients. In 2019, the firm reached a settlement with Valley Anesthesiology & Pain Consultants after a 2016 security incident in which hackers illegally accessed Valley’s computer system, allegedly due to the company’s failure to take appropriate security measures. The settlement provided identity theft protection to class members whose information was compromised in the breach. Hagens Berman is currently one of a select few firms chosen to finalize a settlement with T-Mobile for its 2021 breach, in which the carrier has agreed to pay $350 million into a settlement fund for customers. The firm is actively pursuing lawsuits regarding some of the most significant data breaches of the past several years, including:

  • Progress Software MOVEit Data Breach: More than 65 million people and 600+ organizations impacted, including the majority of schools in the U.S.
  • Capital One Data Breach: 106 million people impacted in the largest data breach of a bank to date
  • 2022 T-Mobile Data Breach: 37 million people impacted
  • Receivables Performance Management Data Breach: 3.7 million people impacted