Consumer Rights

Hagens Berman is adept at achieving substantial results for consumers we represent and have achieved settlements totalling in the hundreds of billions of dollars against the world’s largest and most well-funded corporations and entities.

In a world of dime a dozen lawsuits that fail to return real benefits, our consumer rights litigation stands as an example of what class actions can accomplish – meaningful change and just compensation.

One of our areas of concentration is automotive defect litigation, in which Hagen Berman has been a pioneer. Our firm was selected as lead counsel in what culminated as the largest settlement ever against an automotive company – $1.6 billion.

Hagens Berman is a leader in consumer-protection litigation, taking cases stemming from the full range of deceptive, unfair and fraudulent business practices often used by large corporations.

We realize that often-voiceless consumers suffer the brunt of corporate wrongdoing and have little power to hold companies responsible for their behavior.

We pursue class-action litigation to confront fraudulent practices that individual consumers alone cannot effectively dispute. We make consumers' concerns a priority, collecting complaints against suspected companies and exploring all avenues for prosecution. The firm has been an innovator in organizing and prosecuting individual class cases across many states involving the same defendants and similar factual and legal issues.

Consumer fraud has many faces. As one court has said, "It is impossible to frame definitions which embrace all unfair practices. There is no limit to human inventiveness in this field." Hagens Berman's legacy of protecting consumer rights reflects the wide spectrum of scams that occur in the marketplace. Our skill in this area was confirmed when the judge overseeing the Toyota unintended acceleration cases appointed Steve Berman to lead that case. The judge did so on his own initiative.

Consumer Rights Cases and Investigations:

Ambit Energy 03/26/15 Consumer Rights Active
Anatabloc 01/27/14 Consumer Rights Active
Bank of America Home Loans (HAMP) 03/22/10 Consumer Rights, Lending Fraud Active
Bank of America RICO 07/10/13 Consumer Rights, Racketeering Active
Blue Rhino and Amerigas Propane Exchange Tanks - Consumer Rights Active
Chase Force-Placed Insurance 05/01/12 Consumer Rights Active
Chiquita Bananas 02/09/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
CIQ 12/01/11 Consumer Rights Active
Contact Lens Antitrust 03/09/15 Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Espar Inc. and Webasto Parking Heaters 03/16/15 Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Fluidmaster Inc. 04/24/14 Consumer Rights Active
Ford MyFord Touch 07/15/13 Consumer Rights Active
Ford Spark Plugs 06/15/11 Consumer Rights Active
General Motors 03/19/14 Consumer Rights Active
General Motors - Arizona AG 11/20/14 Consumer Rights, Governmental Representation Active
General Motors - California 06/27/14 Consumer Rights, Governmental Representation Active
Google AdSense 05/20/14 Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Guggenheim 02/11/14 Consumer Rights Active
Hyundai / Kia Fuel Efficiency 11/02/12 Consumer Rights Active
Hyundai Tiburon 11/25/13 Consumer Rights Active
Keyless Fob Ignition Systems 08/26/15 Consumer Rights Active
Kia Motors Gas Tank Defect 11/13/13 Consumer Rights Active
Kia Soul Products Liability 08/20/13 Consumer Rights, Personal Injury Litigation, Products Liability Active
La Autoridad de Energia Electrica (AEE) 02/24/15 Consumer Rights Active
Lumber Liquidators - Formaldehyde Flooring 03/05/15 Consumer Rights Active
Major League Baseball - Foul Ball Injuries 07/13/15 Consumer Rights, Sports Litigation Active
Microwave Handle Defect Lawsuit 02/18/15 Consumer Rights, Personal Injury Litigation Active
Midland National Life Insurance Company 01/05/07 Consumer Rights, Investor Fraud Active
NCAA/EA Video Games 05/05/09 Consumer Rights, Sports Litigation Active
Noteworld/Meracord 07/27/11 Consumer Rights Active
Puerto Rico Electric Power Authority (PREPA) 02/24/15 Consumer Rights Active
SeaWorld Consumer Lawsuit 03/25/15 Consumer Rights Active
Stericycle 04/03/13 Consumer Rights Active
SunRun Inc 01/04/13 Consumer Rights Active
Supplements from Walmart, Walgreens, Target and GNC 02/06/15 Consumer Rights Active
Whole Foods Animal Welfare 09/21/15 Consumer Rights Active
Wells Fargo Force-Placed Insurance 09/11/13 Consumer Rights Active
Expedia Waiver - Consumer Rights Investigation
American Equity Investment Life Insurance 02/15/06 Consumer Rights Settled
AmeriGas 06/04/09 Consumer Rights Settled
Aurora Loan Services LLC 08/17/10 Consumer Rights, Lending Fraud Settled
Dole Bananas 11/13/12 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Settled
Hyundai Air Bags 11/06/09 Consumer Rights Settled
Jack in the Box E. coli 03/02/95 Consumer Rights, Personal Injury Litigation Settled
Portico Decking 03/15/12 Consumer Rights Settled
Shea Homes 10/10/14 Consumer Rights Settled
State Tobacco Litigation 11/23/98 Consumer Rights, Governmental Representation Settled
Target Data Breach 12/19/13 Consumer Rights Settled
Tenet Healthcare Settlement 03/10/05 Consumer Rights Settled
Toyota Sudden, Unintended Acceleration (SUA) 03/15/10 Consumer Rights Settled
Toys "R" Us Baby Products 11/03/06 Antitrust Litigation, Consumer Rights Settled
Trex Company, Inc. 01/13/09 Consumer Rights Settled
Wal-Mart Organic Milk 01/04/08 Consumer Rights Settled
Wells Fargo Home Loan Modification Debt Collection 04/19/10 Consumer Rights Settled
Mars Chocolate - Slave Labor 09/28/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Nestle Chocolate
Child Labor
09/28/15 Consumer Rights Active
Canned Tuna - Slave Labor 09/25/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Cat Food - Slave Labor 08/27/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Volkswagen/Audi Emissions - Consumer Rights Active
Meow Mix Slave Labor 10/12/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Hershey Chocolate Slave Labor 09/28/15 Civil & Human Rights Litigation, Consumer Rights Active
Rancho Mirage Country Club Development 10/23/15 Consumer Rights Active
GNC Supplements - Consumer Rights Investigation
Generic ADHD Drug Pricing Fraud 11/20/15 Consumer Rights, Pharmaceutical Fraud Active

Consumer Rights Resource Library:

Why Select Hagens Berman?

Selecting a Consumer Rights attorney will have a significant impact on the outcome of your case. Lorem ipsum dolor sit.

Stellar Reputation

Stellar Reputation

Hagens Berman fights with the creativity and tenacity to continue to raise the bar and take on every case with the goal of achieving the best outcome for the largest group of individuals.

No Cost to You Until We Win

No Cost to You Until We Win

Our firm operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning the victims we represent pay nothing at all unless we win. Attorney fees are paid based on an industry percentage of overall settlement terms, allowing plaintiffs to reap the rewards.

Real Results

Real Results

We achieve results, and our track record proves it. While many class-action or individual plaintiff cases result in large legal fees and no meaningful result for the client, Hagens Berman finds ways to return real value.



At the basis of all that motivates Hagens Berman is our mission for corporate reform. It’s through our work that we continue to uphold and fight for the rights of those most vulnerable to corporate greed and negligence.

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"...the track record of Hagens Berman['s] Steve Berman is...impressive, having racked...a $1.6 billion settlement in the Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation and a substantial number of really outstanding big-ticket results."

— Milton I. Shadur, Senior U.S. District Judge

Naming Hagens Berman Interim Class Counsel in Stericycle Pricing MDL

"Class counsel has consistently
demonstrated extraordinary skill and effort."

— U.S. District Judge James Selna, Central District of California

In re Toyota Motor Corp. Unintended Acceleration Marketing

The Plaintiffs' Hot List: The Year's Hottest Firms,
2006, 2007, 2009-2013 and 2015.

— The National Law Journal

2015 Marks the Eighth Year that Hagens Berman has been Named to the Plaintiffs' Hot List

"Landmark consumer cases are business as usual for Steve Berman."

— The National Law Journal

Naming Steve Berman one of the 100 most influential attorneys in the nation for the third time in a row

"If it has to do with class-action litigation,
Berman's the go-to guy."

— I. Basso, client

Source: Avvo

The firm's "innovative approaches to litigation
have earned significant recognition"

— The Law Business Insider

"[A] clear choice emerges.
That choice is the Hagens Berman firm."

— United States District Court for the Northern District of California

In re Optical Disk Drive Products Antitrust Litigation (appointing the firm lead counsel)

"All right, I think I can conclude on the basis with my five years with you all, watching this litigation progress and seeing it wind to a conclusion, that the results are exceptional..."

— Judge Hamilton, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of California

In re Dynamic Random Access Memory Antitrust Litigation (Hagens Berman was co-lead counsel and helped achieve the $325 million class settlement)

Recent Recognition:

Hagens Berman is a plaintiffs’ class-action law firm that helps victims of auto accidents, sports injuries, defective products, dangerous drugs and business fraud pursue their legal rights. We take on large corporations for negligence and fraud, and hold them accountable.
Our attorneys are champions of consumer rights. The size or clout of the corporations we pursue is never a deterrent to our pursuit for justice. Over the years, we have built the resources we need to thoroughly investigate these personal injury and product defect cases, and achieve the best possible outcome for our clients. Our work is consistently recognized for industry excellence.

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