• Of Counsel, Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro LLP, 2001–2022
  • Senior partner (one of five) at Australia’s largest plaintiff law firm working on class actions, environmental litigation and antitrust litigation
  • Served as lead counsel in both bench and jury class-action trials in Federal Court
  • Practiced class-action and multi-plaintiff litigation,  2001–2022
Notable Cases
  • Served as co-counsel on Australia’s then-largest class action against a wholly owned subsidiary of Exxon, arising out of a gas plant explosion which shut down the gas supply to Melbourne and most of the State of Victoria for 10 days
  • Rio Tinto Litigation
    Mr. Styant-Browne’s practice has involved several projects in the Pacific Rim, acting principally on behalf of the indigenous peoples of poor developing Pacific nations claiming environmental and human rights abuses. His successes and passion for the causes of indigenous peoples have led to him being retained by the national governments of Pacific States including Tuvalu and the Kingdom of Tonga
  • BHP Environmental Litigation
    Mr. Styant-Browne’s meticulous outlining of the environmental devastation caused by the Ok Tedi mine in Papua New Guinea helped force mining companies adopt stricter environmental standards in developing countries
  • Toyota Unintended Acceleration Litigation
  • Thalidomide Drug Litigation
  • Environmental abuses at the Panguna mine on the Pacific island of Bougainville